VEX Competition Team

12 teams from Magikid Lab have participated in 2018-2019 VEX competition. Won 6 State Awards, 3 Banners, 5 Magikid teams have qualified for the VEX Robotics World Championship and the CREATE U.S.

Open Robotics Championship!To sign up for VEX competition team, please contact with a local lab and get more information.

Elementary School Champion
Middle School Champion
High School Champion

Teamwork and Leadership: 3 years learning and practice with team members. Lead the team to a bigger stage.

2019-2020 VEX IQ Challenge: Squared Away!

Time to gear up!
  • Prepare for the world’s largest robotics competition according to Guinness world Records.
  • Explore the challenges of robot design, competition strategy and participate in competitive scenarios.
  • STEAM concepts are put to the test as children learn lifelong skills in teamwork, leadership, communications and more.
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